Muslim leaders clash over politics in mosques

Muslim Faithfuls in Mumias follow proceedings as they celebrate Eid-al-fitr at Mumias Muslims grounds on June 26th, 2017. photo by Chrispen Sechere.

Imams have clashed over politicking in mosques.

 Sheikh Rajab Hussein called for a total ban on politics in the mosque, saying politicians are using the platforms to campaign.

“I feel that my fellow sheikhs have given a lot of emphasis to politicians. They allow them to come to mosques from where they attack their opponents,” said Sheikh Hussein.

Speaking in Mumias, he said politicians who know nothing about Islam are clothed in Muslim regalia and coached on what to say.

But Idd Abbas, chairman NG-CDF Mumias West constituency, dismissed Sheikh Hussein saying it will be hard to ban politics in mosques as this is an election year. [Jack Murima] 


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