Musalia is the best liberator of Kenyans on NASA, but Raila is a key determinant of the next president!

Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi

My two cents advice to Hon Raila Odinga, l know how important this coming election is to you and the rest of us Kenyans who are fighting for a real liberation and change, we all face the same challenges, and we must think and work as one people. But Mr Former Prime Minister, The late Prof. George Saitoti once said, “There comes a time a country is bigger than an individual, because a country comes first.”

And in that spirit, and for the sake of removing corruption, by stopping Uhuru and Ruto from further destroying Kenya, for the sake of changing our course of politics, for the sake of development, For the sake of our children’s children, for the sake of our safety under unfit militia police, safety of our money, for the sake of late Jacob Juma, Muchai, Mugabe were, JJ Kariuki, Dedan Kimathi, Mutula Kilonzo and others, for the sake of all forgotten PEV victims, for the sake of growing debts that Uhuru has created on our shoulders, for the sake of jobs that Uhuru has killed like MumiasCudbury, Eveready etc, for the sake of removing our KDF from Somalia and stop the killing of sons in Somalia for charcoal bussines, l kindly ask you Mr Prime Minister to listen to our advice.

Hon Raila Odinga, you will be a key determinant of the upcoming elections. If you decides to sacrifice your own ambition just one more time and support Mwana wa Mudamba, and only then can we have President Moses Musalia Mudavadi.

Let me explain one painful history of “not listening to the election outcome” last year America had the worst remarkable elections ever in the history of the world democracy. USA was poised to get a first ever female president taking over from a first black president, that would have been the climax of everything. However, top democrat officials refused to read the mood on the ground and buried their heads in the sand, and forced the world to assume that all was well with having Clinton face-off with deadly Trump, and that “confused” people, and especially women were convinced by Trump’s tantrums and lack of experience to vote for Mrs Clinton as an alternative candidate, the media and Democrats refused to listen to word on the ground, and as the top party organ fought vehemently for the top seats, money, power and control, the ground was shaking, realigning and shifting. Worse still the youth made Trump became president and the black community that largely boycotted the voting exercise as they openly disliked Clinton and saw nothing new in her, and there after fighting begun up until today.

Mr Bernie sanders campaign on the other hand, received big donations in small contributions from energized college students ever in the history of election, by independent contributions, and received much higher amounts from rally turnouts like Obama did, and badly beat Clinton in all swing states during the nominations (But results were later changed and cooked to force Clinton candidacy), and for the obvious reasons, same states later on punished Clinton by voting for Trump as the 45th President of USA. Every American knows well Mr Bernie Sanders was the most acceptable and suitable candidate to beat Trump, West Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania are some of the states that decided the 2016 elections outcome. And one common thing in all these state were that during the nomination, Bernie garnered twice or even thrice the votes that Trump received when beating Hillary.

These points drive me to my outmost humble request to you Mr. Prime minster, “we love you Baba, we want you in State House today, but there is no formula!, just like some people love the CLINTONS but lack numbers! The tribal card will come into play and it will play against you Mr Former Prime minister, and now we only have one ammunation left, and its him; Hon Musalia Mudavadi, card!” and the following points explains further down why:

1. In 2002 Kibaki won not because Moi didn’t rig, but because the margin was so big that stealing didnt affect Kibaki’s win. I believe this is possible with NASA and Mudavadi being flagbearer. We all remember the passion from Western tribes when Raila said Kibaki Tosha. Same can happen and this time Luhyas will unite. Luos too who have lost hope in Raila’s presidency will also vote. However, It will all depend on the hope the opposition will have created by then. Infact when you go to some parts of Luoland, Luos have given up on chances of Raila wining again, that’s the reason of voter apathy reflected in voter registration and last election nomination violence that saw Oduol being powerful.

In my opinion, Mudavadi becoming a flag-bearer is likely to create more hope of opposition winning. If I’m to make a decision, I will go for Mudavadi as flagbearer and Kalonzo as running mate. All that is needed in opposition strongholds is hope that this time, even if there will be rigging, they will emerge winners. And I see that hope can be created if Mudavadi is given the mantle of flag-bearer and Kalonzo as running mate. These two have the advantage of not having polarised the nation and can attract many voters including Kikuyu and Kalenjin voters who are not happy with Uhuru’s presidency. When you have a person who can battle with incumbent at his backyard, it send shivers, you must first break his jinx and destroy his backbone to make him vulnerable and weak.

2.You can not repeat the same mistake over and over again and expect different results Mr former Prime Minister. You running against Uhuru is amazing and nice, but you can’t convince everybody, including the young first time voters, that this time round you will get it right and protect votes from rigging, these alone might be an obstacle. To win an election you need to energize people and convince them that their votes are protected. How can they trust you now if you failed to secure the votes last time? If Mudavadi runs, NASA has a chance. Even some of the Jubilee voters who are tired of the looting might give him a chance.

3. Musalia is more appealing in the Eldoret, Meru and Kiambu, thus if you add your weight behind him, Nyanza will be energized too by their overwhelming Abandu relatives energy, and if Abando come together, like they did with Kidero bid in Nairobi by joining hands with the Kamba it will be an obvious win.

4. If you Mr former Prime Minister are successfully selected again to vie for presidency as a NASA flag bearer, two things might happen, one is a fall-out, and the other one is Tyranny of number game plan might resurrect under the lie that you are selfish, greedy and only seek the top seat. And in the eventuality of a fallout you will not be able to heal the wound by August, because most likely a whole tribe will be against you, that is either Kambas or Luhyas. But if you choose Musalia and Kalonzo leaves, he will leave as an individual.

5. If you support Musalia, you will have confused former presidents Moi’s current choice, and former President Kibaki, as they all support both Uhuru and Mudavadi, making the equation even a painful weapon on them as the two still control a large part of wealth and national security organs and apparatus that historically have vowed never to let you rule.

6.Musalia is easy to control than anyone else, have a strong MOU pact, prime minister with executive powers and maybe after Uhuru has left, we can forge ahead and see how we can change the constitution to give you even a single term.


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