Murkomen Breaths Fire, Dares Waiguru and want a law created to “legalize Corruption” if Wiguru is not Charged

KDRTV-Senator Kipchumba Murkomen while attending an NYS sensitization campaign at the border of Baringo and Marakwet, at Koloa, never minced his words and accused Waiguru of maligning his name.

He told those in attendance that if Waiguru is not Charged at a court of law in the alleged role she played in the disappearance of public money at the Devolution Ministry which she headed, then corruption should be legalized in Kenya so that whoever wants to steal public coffers money can steal without worrying of any consequence.

His Nandi counterpart also wondered why leaders who have been mentioned in scandals like NYS are in the race to capture seats in the 2017 general elections.

Many Kenyans are still yet to come into terms of the magnitude of corruption in the government headed by UhuRuto, because the corruption scandals are happening day and night with the most recent at the MOH.

Video by Kenya NTV

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