Mudavadi: Mass action will stop Jubilee impunity

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has said Jubilee’s impunity displayed in how contentious amended electoral laws were forcibly passed can only be stopped through mass action by Kenyans.

He said Jubilee was determined to rig elections and a final confirmation that President Uhuru Kenyatta will spare no opportunity to disrespect and undermine the constitution.

“The president ought to know no power is potent than a determined people,” Mr Mudavadi said.

“The people of Kenya being masters of their own fate must rise up against an increasingly intolerant regime. As members National Super Alliance (NASA) citizen movement, we call for a citizen’s arrest of the purveyors of impunity,” he said.

In a statement on Friday, Mr Mudavdi said the Jubilee administration was known for signing agreements it never honours.

“To Jubilee, everyone should be swindled. To them, the only advantage they seek is how to contravene the Constitution,” said Mr Mudavadi.

He said the twin assault of laying siege to Parliament using police officers and intimidation of the Judiciary are only scenes reminiscent of communist regimes of the 1990s in their determination to thwart democratic change.

“It should however be obvious to Uhuru how those attempts were met with fierce force of the people. If I were Uhuru, I would listen carefully to the voice of religious leaders and return to the negotiating table. People’s emotions cannot be bottled forever. They will burst sooner than later,” he added.

Mr Mudavadi equated the Jubilee administration to a wildebeest that needs taming.

He accused the president of ceding the moral high ground for which he was elected as a symbol of national unity to propagating chaos.

According to him, Mr Kenyatta is setting the ground for a rigged and violent election that will give him an excuse to retain power.

The former deputy prime minister said the only way to tame Mr Kenyatta is a united National Super Alliance (Nasa).

“It is Nasa that is the waking nightmare of Jubilee. More than ever before, let us have a unity of purpose under Nasa to contain the excesses of Jubilee”, he said.

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