Muchanga owns Karen land, Awori tells court

Former Vice President Moody Awori on Tuesday told a Nairobi court that the disputed 134 acres of land in Karen valued at Sh8 billion belongs to Muchanga Investments Limited.

Testifying before High Court judge Elijah Obaga, Mr Awori, 89, said the company acquired the land from Barclays Bank in 1983.

He said he was aware of the land purchase at the time because he was a director of Muchanga alongside his wife Rose Awori and that he had signed necessary documents.

Describing himself as a retired public servant, Mr Awori, however, pointed out that he was not directly involved in the initial resolution to acquire the land.


That decision was made by the executive director.

“Muchanga did purchase that property in 1983, I signed the document from the bank,” he said.

Mr Awori declined to respond to a query about a board resolution to acquire the property.

In his testimony, Mr Awori said the transaction happened nearly 40 years ago and he could not recall some details except for the active role he played in signing key documents.


The court was told that the company bought the property because its owner had defaulted on the bank’s loan.

Da Gama Rose Investments is affiliated to Muchanga and was the one that had been given a loan from the bank. Muchanga provided security for the Sh10.5 million loan.

Mr Awori was testifying in a case in which Muchanga has sued Habenga Holdings Ltd, Jina Enterprises, ltd and the Lands ministry over alleged transfer of the land. The case continues today.

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