MPs urged to pass law to protect elderly

The gender and equality commission has appealed for urgent passing of laws to protect the rights of the elderly.

National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) Vice Chairman Simon Ndubai said the commission has already drafted and presented the bill to Parliament and appealed for hasty enactment to law so that the elderly persons can be protected.

“We do not have instruments or law which is enforceable that takes care of the elderly. If the 12th Parliament can take priority to enact it, then the rights of the older people will be taken care,” he said.

The Commission also wants county governments to offer free medical care to persons above 65 years and to establish homes for the older members of the society whose families are unable to take care of them.

Mr Ndubai further added that the commission is also championing for devolved units to allocate enough resources to run the homes and supplement the national government cash transfer programme.

The official, who spoke in Isiolo town reiterated that families ought to be empowered and sensitised about their duties to take care of the elderly.

The elderly persons, who graced the international day of the older people said the national government cash transfer initiative is not enough to address their challenges.

They claimed that they cannot access adequate medical care, food, clothing and housing.


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