MPs to oversee county governments if proposal goes through

The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee wants a new team to be set up to oversee the devolved governments, giving MPs an opportunity to influence devolution.

The committee said that the establishment of the new team would enable the National Assembly to check whether the changes it makes to laws are implemented.

The new team to be known as devolution committee will oversee the executive arms of government at the national and county levels.

Members of Parliament (MPs) will get powers to oversee county governments if a proposal by a parliamentary committee goes through.

“Legislative oversight is a tool used by the Legislature for checks and balances in a democracy,” the committee said in a report tabled in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The oversight committee said the devolution committee would have powers over counties that the National Assembly has not enjoyed.

It said the committee would be required to question, censure or hold to account those charged with managing relations between the two levels of government and other devolution issues.

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