MPs and senators disagree on county allocations


Lawmakers have voted to reject the proposals, which would have seen the money due to devolved units shoot to Sh352.8 billion from the Sh323.7 billion initially passed by the National Assembly.

Chair of the National Assembly Budget and Appropriations committee, Mutava Musyimi (Mbeere South) captured the thinking of lawmakers in rebuffing the push by senators to give counties a larger share of the national cake.

Mr Musyimi (pictured) whose committee is key in reviewing budget estimates told Parliament that sending more money to the counties could open corruption taps for governors-some who are already on the spotlight for misappropriation, misuse and outright theft of public funds.

“The idea that we can give more money to county governments is immoral and unacceptable. We must say ‘no’ to people who are already misusing what we have given them,” said Musyimi.

Teams from the National Assembly and the Senate will now have to meet to find a middle ground on the allocation.


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