MP tells IEBC rival’s supporters wanted to rape her

It was a day full of drama on Wednesday as the electoral agency heard accusations and counteraccusations from 14 aspirants who risk being fined over electoral misconduct.

Among those who appeared before the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) are Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka (Jubilee) and his Ford Kenya opponent Wycliffe Wangamati, Kibwezi East MP Jessica Mbalu (Wiper) and Philip Kaloki (Jubilee), and Starehe parliamentary hopefuls Steve Mbogo (ODM) and Thomas Makori.

“It is by the Grace of God that I am alive, that I am talking to you today. A group of Mr Wangamati’s supporters confronted us and they unleashed bees on us, but they did not sting.

“They stoned my two vehicles, and I am really lucky to be alive,” Governor Lusaka told the commission.

But Governor Lusaka was not done.


“If he (Mr Wangamati) is bringing videos here, we can also show videos that show that their supporters were carrying bigger rungus,” he said to the laughter of those in the room.

However, Mr Wangamati told the committee that it was wrong for Governor Lusaka to bypass his scheduled rally at Posta Grounds and storm his at the Bus park.

“We had told the IEBC that we will be there. But they came and disrupted our supporters as we were leaving. And as you will see in the videos we have, those people clearly had red Jubilee colours with rungus and sticks,” said Mr Wangamati.

He said: “Why didn’t the governor wait until we were finished before he could go to the bus park? If he had, we would not be here, Mr Chairman.”

The Code of Conduct enforcement Committee, chaired by commission chairman Wafula Chebukati and which has all the six other agency commissioners as members, has the powers to bar aspirants, who after being found guilty of misconduct, default in the payment of a fine imposed on them.


In the meeting, an emotional Ms Mbalu, the Kibwezi East MP, held back tears as she narrated to the commission what she said was a violent altercation between her and supporters of her Jubilee opponent, Prof Kaloki.

“When he looks at me, I am scared already. I just do not want to look at him,” Ms Mbalu said of Prof Kaloki, telling Mr Chebukati, “Please allow me to look at you instead.”

She went on: “The things they did to me, it is bad. His supporters wanted to rape me your honour.”

But a calm Prof Kaloki swore that he had never ordered violence against Ms Mbalu.
“I have a wife, a sister, and my mother is still alive. I respect women. I relate with women on a daily basis,” said Prof Kaloki, who left his seat to contest Makueni governor’s seat in 2013, and lost to Prof Kivutha Kibwana.

Also before the commission was Mr Makori, a Starehe MP seat hopeful, who has accused ODM’s Mr Mbogo of defacing, destroying and removing his campaign materials.


“The ones you have given us here shows that it is your picture that has defaced Mr Mbogo’s because it is on top of the campaign poster. What do you say Mr Makori?” asked Mr Chebukati.

Mr Makori said that the one he presented was just a sample and that “all my posters were removed by Mr Mbogo,” whom he said should be made to write a written apology and pay for the items.

Rarieda ODM parliamentary seat hopeful Eric Onyango had accused, before the commission Mr Netto Adhola, an independent candidate he said he beat in the primaries.

He said even after losing the ODM primaries and going independent, he was still using pictures of ODM leader Raila Odinga in his campaign posters as well as the party’s orange colours.


“No candidate has patented Raila for their own use,” Mr Netto told the committee through a lawyer.

“I have put his picture just because of my affiliation to him.”

IEBC will make rulings on Thursday at 9am while others will be delivered on Friday.


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