Mother of former conjoined twins wants a job

The mother of formerly conjoined twins is now appealing for help in getting a job to support her family.

Ms Caroline Mukiri, 29, who is living with her mother and sister at their home in Tutua village, Meru County, said she is open to any gainful opportunity that will enable her put food on the table.

She said her twins require routine visits to Kenyatta National Hospital for check-ups, with the first one slated for early next month.


The two and a half years old twins, Blessings Kathure and Favour Karimi, underwent a 23-hour operation in November last year and were discharged on June 15 after being admitted to the Specialised Surgical Paediatric Ward on September 5, 2014.

They were introduced to their family for the first time after leaving KNH.


Ms Mukiri, who only studied up to Form Four, said the father of the twins fled after realizing they were conjoined.

Nevertheless, she said a little support will enable her fully cater for the needs of her children.

Before she gave birth she was working as a hair dresser.


The twins were born on September 2014 at St Theresa’s Kiirua Mission hospital and were conjoined at the lower back and derrière.

“I thank God for the miracle and I am optimistic that the future of my daughters will be brighter,” she said.

The doctors were convinced they were now ready to join other family members at their “new home” in Meru.

Friends and relatives continue to flock the homestead to welcome them.

Ms Catherine Gatwiri, a friend of Ms Mukiri, said their long absence while at the hospital was not easy to bear.

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