#MorphoFraudInKenya: NASA bloggers tweet in french in anti-Morpho onslaught

NASA online army seems to have gone global with the coalition’s position that French IT firm Safran-Morpho cannot conduct the next election. Using the hashtag #MorphoFraudInKenya, NASA brigade launched a series of tweets using French language that has left Jubilee totally miffed.

NASA has set the exit of Morpho from Kenya’s electoral scene as a key irreducible demand, and has called for the prosecution of two french nationals which bungled the election by providing access to third parties including Darvis Chirchir to rig the election by manipulating the KIEMS results transmission system.

NASA team online has set their gaze on the involvement of the international community on the polls, and have been exposing all and sundry.

The new onslaught comes only days after the French firm claimed it had audited its systems and found no hacking took place, a charge NASA rejects as too little too late, bordering on criminality. NASA has made it clear to IEBC that it will not participate in polls chereographed by the same people who rigged the election.


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