Mombasa residents pay highest bribes in Kenya- report

Residents of Mombasa, Embu and Isiolo part with the highest amount of bribes to access public services, an audit report has shown.

In Mombasa, according to the report, residents pay Sh11, 611 as bribe for services.

In Embu and Isiolo, residents pay bribes of Sh11, 500 and Sh10, 000 respectively.

According to the report compiled by a team led by Auditor- General Edward Ouko, the findings attest to fading public confidence in the fight against corruption.

The report states that some of the stakeholders indicate that poor progress in the fight against corruption is as a result of poor investigations.

The report also states corruption at the county level is on the increase as shown in the national survey and there is no sufficient evidence that the government has done enough to prosecute and ensure conviction of those involved.

The study was commissioned to assess how major corruption scandals has led to heavy losses of public resources which has replete public procurement processes with corruption.

The report listed five counties with the least amount of money residents pay to access public service.

They are Kisumu (Sh1,867), Kericho (Sh1,586), Nyamira (Sh1,580), West Pokot (Sh1,313) and Taita Taveta (Sh1,300).

“On average, service seekers paid the largest amount of bribe amounting to Sh11, 611 in Mombasa County to access public services.

The sectors with rampant corruption in public service include recruitment at 29.9 per cent, arbitrary arrest at 27.4 per cent, procurement procedures at 25 per cent and letters/payment of land rates at 8. 9 per cent.

An analysis of bribery by public services/processes reveals that on average, service seekers paid the largest amount of bribes amounting to Sh30, 000 to seek funding from either Constituency Development Fund, County governments, Ministry of Agriculture, or youth funds.

The other two leading services in terms of the average size of bribe paid are electricity connection services, and tax remittance services, with an average size of bribe of Sh18, 333 and Sh16, 909, respectively.

“Public officers are often cited in breach of these values, but there are no sanctions for their behaviour,” says the report.

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