Ministry forms agency to spur early childhood education

The Ministry of Education has formed a directorate that will be in charge of the training of Early Childhood and Development Education teachers up to diploma level.

Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang said the move is among the many programmes that require teachers to be actively involved in the sector’s reforms.

“The Ministry wants to ensure teachers are involved in the college so that by the time they join the job market they already have skills to teach using new and modern methodologies,” Dr Kipsang said in the speech read on his behalf by his representative at Kamwenja Teachers College graduation ceremony in Nyeri.

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The PS added that the government wants to equip teachers with the capabilities of identifying learners’ talents and needs, for effective development.

About 378 students were awarded certificates.

Dr Kipsang advised the graduates to focus on the long-game (proper tutorship) as opposed to being absorbed by the state of infrastructure in schools.

“Create a good learning environment for your pupils regardless of the facilities you will find so that they can also excel in their studies,” he said.

Cardinal John Njue urged teachers to spearhead change and participate in the war against drugs.

“Turn around the face of the Kenyan society that has been invaded by drunkenness, drug addiction and moral decay. Mould better youths and leaders of tomorrow,” Cardinal Njue pleaded.

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