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Miguna Miguna Destroys Uhuru Propagandist Mutahi Ngunyi As Senator Murkomen And Hon Ngunjiri Are Humiliated Badly

Governor Miguna Miguna On Twitter:

“Ngunjiri Wambugu: I stand by the grievances in the Maraga petition but due to the current political environment, I will not pursue it, just for now.

Miguna Miguna: Pursue it if you believe in it. Patriotic Kenyans shall ensure that fake people like you are comprehensively deconstructed from illusions.

Mutahi Ngunyi: Who will police Maraga? How will Maraga be policed? If Ngunjiri can prove his case beyond reasonable doubt, Maraga should be charged with high treason.

Miguna Miguna: Mr Fake Professor, Sir; please explain to us where this beast called ‘high treason’ is found in our laws before you lay the charges.

Kipchumba Murkomen: It is no secret that we are going to trim the powers of the Supreme Court so that they will not have the mandate, in future, to subvert the will of voters. We have the majority.

Miguna Miguna: The senate is not a jungle where you operate like a cattle rustler. The very existence of the Supreme Court is to listen to a presidential petition, not Elgeyo Marakwet banditry cases.”

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