MCA candidate wants results nullified

Dabaso MCA candidate in Kilifi North Constituency Dickson Karani declined to sign Form34 B and said that he was not satisfied with the results that were recorded. Karani who vied under ANC ticket cited irregularities in the concluded General Election.

He said his agents were removed in their respective polling stations and forced to stay outside. In one of the stations his agent was forced to sign wrong results.


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“I got 108 votes in a station and my agent was forced to sign for 8 votes. In another station my agent was again forced to sign for 8 votes yet I got 64votes. I am not agreeing with the results posted here since they are wrong,” said Karani.

Karani disclosed that he was barred from accessing the tallying center at Pwani University by Police and he could not raise their concerns when the results were streaming in. He has filed the petition to have the results nullified.

He got 1082 votes becoming second after Emmanuel Changawa who scored 1901 votes. He also said that in one of the stations his agent recorded 149 votes but the following day the votes had reduced to 51.

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