Matatu owners say toll stations will increase fares

Nairobians may be forced to spend more on matatu fares should toll stations be introduced along major roads within and outside Nairobi.

Matatu owners have warned that introduction of toll stations that require motorists to pay a fee for development and maintenance of roads, will result in increased travel costs.

Matatu Welfare Association Chairperson Dickson Mbugua said setting up toll stations would amount to double taxation, hence increased transport charges.

“The Government is not supposed to double-tax its citizens. Since the charges cut across all motorists including cargo vehicles, many commodities including food prices are likely to go up,” said Mr Mbugua.

The toll station had recommended charges of Sh1.20 per metre for passenger cars, Sh1.79 for matatus and pick-ups, Sh2.39 for buses and medium tracks and Sh3.59 for large tracks.

Mbugua said the Government already had the fuel levy, which is included in the cost of fuel that is used to maintain roads.

“If they want the toll stations to work, they should reduce the Sh15 per litre fuel tax, which already caters for road maintenance,” he said.

Toll stations will be put up on five major roads in the country.

The plan will first be rolled out on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, Nairobi’s Southern Bypass, the Nairobi-Nakuru-Mau Summit highway and Thika Road.

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