Marsabit County aspirants troop to Kanu

KANU Party leader Gideon Moi at a Nairobi hotel PHOTO:STANDARD

A number of political aspirants from Marsabit County have declared they will contest the August polls on Kanu tickets.

The aspirants drawn from Saku, Moyale, Laisamis and North Horr constituencies met party leader Gideon Moi at a Nairobi hotel where they agreed to formally be unveiled on Friday at the party headquarters.

Led by gubernatorial aspirant Omuro Sora Adano, aspiring senator Galgalo Abagaro and for Woman Representative Elizabeth Leitoro, they described Kanu as a political movement that embraces diversity.

Mr Abagaro said the group had the elders’ blessings and was drawn from all sub-counties and communities living in Marsabit.

“Kanu is a good party that embraces all; the youth, women and the elderly. Our team is a representation of the face of Marsabit and God willing, we will sweep all the seats in Marsabit,” said Abagaro.

The first-time senatorial aspirant added that Marsabit is a huge county that needs people with experience in governance and economics to steer its development.


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A PhD student in governance, Abagaro said the fresh team in Kanu and its policies would ensure the people of Marsabit get good leaders who can be accountable.

Mr Adano is an expert in governance and has been working in the US for the past 14 years.

“Our team brings a wealth of experience in the field of development. The gubernatorial aspirant is an expert in economics who has served in Kenya and US,” said Abagaro.

He went on: “We have the desire to change and transform Marsabit County and ensure women, children and the elderly get the best services. We will do anything possible to win.”

Kanu has been receiving many aspirants for various seats across the country.

This comes as a youthful aspirant, former Chairman of Kenyans living in South Korea Raphael Omala, expressed desire to contest the Westlands constituency seat.



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