President Kenyatta makes a U-turn on anti-Maraga’s Petition

The Elephant in the room now is how to convince the Kisii community

President Kenyatta’s handlers realized that their petition to remove Maraga from the Chief Justice’s position will backfire and now been forced to retreat immediately when they realized that a majority of Kenyans don’t support it.

The Elephant in the room now is how to convince the Kisii community who have termed the petition crcn7joba6utevche59b106802eefa President Kenyatta makes a U-turn on anti-Maraga’s Petitionas a smack on their face and have vowed to teach the Jubilee Party a lesson in the presidential re-run slated for October 17, 2017.

The ground is so hostile for the Jubilee party and the reason why the Jubilee campaign team decided to ship thousands of Kisii’s to Nakuru for a consultation with the President and his Deputy but was poorly managed and has backfired because it’s intended purpose was not achieved.

Scenes of the attendees scrambling for food and visibly agitated has painted a grim picture and to nail it hard, the attendees were seen praising and singing slogans in praise of Raila Odinga.

Many political analysts and advisors from Jubilee are burning the midnight oil to ensure the President receives votes from both Kisii and Nyamira counties and also from the Kisii diaspora which is a big boost to the reelection of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kegoro_photo President Kenyatta makes a U-turn on anti-Maraga’s PetitionMany pundits are however in contention as to whether President Uhuru Kenyatta will receive as many votes as possible compared to what he got in the August polls.

Kenyan politics is mostly tribal and many leaders are vouching for leaders from different ethnic regions to galvanize their support, a case in mind is the threat the Jubilee coalition got from former Meru Governor Peter Munya, they had to act swiftly and convince him to abandon Nasa because his move could have divided the Meru vote and could seriously weaken president Uhuru’s grip on the Meru region.

cjmaraga President Kenyatta makes a U-turn on anti-Maraga’s Petition

Another headache they had to treat was the former Governor of Bomet Isaac Ruto, who has been giving them sleepless nights, for now, they have managed to lure or convinced him to join their bandwagon to ensure that Raila Odinga does not get any votes from Kericho and Bomet counties.

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  1. When Kleptocratic styles first appear in a leadership, people may be fooled. After people know the truth, they can’t get fooled anymore. Today its an open secret that Uhuru and Ruto can not win any elections in Kenya. Not that they won in 2013. It was a rigged effort just like this case in 2017. After the Supreme Court nullified the August 8th presidential elections, jubilee found itself exposed to the level it did not expect. Their blunders one after the other are a sign that Uhuru’s Jubilee is working so hard not to be re-elected. The attack on the person of the C.J and the judges altogether as “crooks ” is a sure indicator Uhuru does not want a re-election. The Courts verdict was clear. IEBC intentionally, knowingly planned to fraud Kenyans. jubilee defending IEBC indicates Uhuru does not want to be re-elected again.

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