Maraga urges judicial officers to discharge duties with integrity

Justice David Maraga on Saturday asked members of the Judiciary to dedicate themselves to discharging their duties with integrity.

He asked judicial officers to make a difference in service delivery.

“If we dedicate ourselves to dispense our duties with honesty and integrity, then the whole country will know that we are serving God and the people, who are His creation,” said the CJ.

He made the remarks during a thanksgiving prayer service at Sironga Girls High School in Nyamira County.

It was his homecoming Sabbath Service after being appointed to head the Judiciary earlier this year.

He said magistrates and judges should be seen to be serving God who is a God of justice.

“All the laws I’ve seen in constitutions all over the world are modelled on the Biblical Ten Commandments. If we do our duty with honesty, integrity and fairness, the country will know that we are preserving the dignity of its justice system and we’ll be recognised for it,” said the CJ.

The function was attended by other judicial officers from the region. Among them were Jericho High Court judge Justice Pauline Nyamweya, Justice Christine Nangila (Nyamira) and several magistrates.

Lawyers present included George Kegoro, Alfred Nyairo and Fred Orora.

In his address, Mr Nyairo asked the CJ to discharge his duties without fear or favour.


“Do not be afraid to do what is right as pertains to your office. You belong not just to Sironga or the Gusii community, but to the whole republic. We are fully behind you as lawyers, friends and colleagues,” Mr Nyairo said.

Addressing the congregation, Court of Appeal Judge Patrick  Kiage urged his colleagues to ensure they embraced integrity in their service.

“Integrity is key as judicial officers. Let us support the CJ’s crusade to reform the judiciary by emulating his example of Christian piety and commitment to transparency, “ he said.

Justice Kiage appealed to judicial officers to avoid dragging the Judiciary into disrepute by engaging in misconduct.

He cautioned them against  such behaviour, saying it would negatively impact on the CJ’s reputation.

“Let us strive not to shame the CJ by failing to discharge our duties in a manner that cases doubt and casts a blight on the judiciary,” he said.

South Kenya Conference President  Dr Chris Bichanga likened the CJ’s appointment to the biblical appointment of Daniel as a prime minister, saying it was a testimony to his faithfulness in a secular world where  Christian values are hardly practiced by many in public office.


“We have had a challenge in the judiciary for a long time and God has answered the prayers of the people by giving them a servant who reveres Him. Let us pray that God’s will may be done through CJ Maraga,” he said.

He was joined at the function by Dr Fred Matiangi who said he has no doubt in the CJ’s ability to deliver.

Dr Matiangi said a time has come in the nation when public servants would be expected to serve the people with transparency, justice and honesty.

He said he had successfully spearheaded a reform program in the administration of national examinations, saying it was long overdue.

“We have long been used to having questionable examinations, but now we have ensured that the evils of the past are no more. The steps we took were necessary to get rid of a chronic problem in our country,” said Dr Matiangi.

He said he would remain firm in his resolve to ensure that genuine reforms were implemented in the education sector.

“I will remain firm in my resolve to ensure that we change the way things are done in the ministry for the glory of God,” said Dr Matiangi.

He said God would reveal Himself to the people through public servants who revere Him.

“We are used to a system where corruption has become a lifestyle to some people, but we who are God-fearing must be willing to make a difference,” said Dr Matiangi.

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