Mandera leaders accuse security agencies killing residents

Political leaders in Mandera have accused security agencies of abducting and killing locals after five bodies were discovered in a shallow grave on Monday.

Deputy Governor Omar Maalim, in his address at the formal burial of the five, said the government was aware of the high rate of mysterious deaths and played a role in them.

“The government of the day is part and parcel of the many deaths happening in Mandera because those killed are first held in different police stations before their bodies are stumbled upon,” he said.

Mr Maalim specifically accused the Kenya Defence Forces of being behind the increasing disappearances of local residents.

“We have information that these five people were picked from their houses at Fino by soldiers before being held shortly at Fino police station,” he said.


The deputy governor said he spoke to County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia who told him by phone that the five were among 11 persons arrested on Friday night.

Mandera East MP Abdulaziz Farah, who lost his aunt, 75, said reports showed the Rapid Deployment Unit and KDF played a role.

Mr Farah said Ms Fatuma Hassan Abdille was innocent and she stayed at home most of the times.

Her son, who could not be named, said men he suspected were military officers arrived at their home on Friday at about 10pm and started beating him while asking for his mother.


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