Man who killed nephew over burnt sufuria gets two years probation

A man has been sentenced to two years probation after he was found guilty of killing his nephew.

The man identified as RKK beat his 12-year-old nephew to death for leaving a cooking pot on the fire. He dumped the body in a dam.

A post-mortem report showed that the boy died of bleeding inside the skull. The bleeding was caused by a blunt object, according to the autopsy.

High Court judge Wilfrida Okwany decided he remains under probation to learn how to manage his anger.

The man was handed the sentence after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Justice Okwany found that the excessive force by the accused was unwarranted.

“The accused used excessive force in his bid to discipline the (boy) thereby injuring him fatally and in a bid to conceal his crime, decided to dump the body inside a dam.


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“The senseless actions of the accused led to the death of an innocent young boy whose only crime was to forget to remove a sufuria from the fire,” the judge noted.

A probation report showing that the boy’s family had reconciled with the accused helped to convince the judge that the man ought to serve his sentence away from jail.

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