Man in court to stop governor from blocking MP’s event

A Murang’a resident is seeking to stop the county government from cancelling a license for an event which MP Jamleck Kamau is set to launch his bid for the gubernatorial seat.

Mr Antony Maina has sued the Murang’a County government, just a day after the Kigumo MP raised concerns that Governor Mwangi Wa Iria had threatened invited guests not to attend the already planned event.

In the case documents, he claimed that the county government already issued a permit for the five-day event which was booked by the League of women voters at Mumbi grounds on October 25 from November 22 to 26.

Mr Maina accused the county government with offloading 10 tonnes of manure in the open grounds saying that 300 more is in waiting for planting grass in the venue at the time which preparations for the event had started.

He argues that blocking the grounds which had already been booked for the said event would result into violence in the region between supporters of Governor Wa Iria and the MP.

“As a peace loving, law abiding and public spirited citizen of Murang’a County, he is reasonably apprehensive that unless restrained by this Court, the county government may execute threats of frustrating the event by cancellation of the license issued or if it is granted to a different group,” his lawyer said.

He also argued that huge amounts of money had already been spent hence the illegal cancellation of the licence or violent disruption shall result to a violation of his freedom of political rights and that of Murang’a residents.

He further alleged that cancellation of the event would lead to destruction of property such as tents, chairs, merchandise and other promotional materials which have already been set up in the venue.

“The county government has vowed that the public rally set for Saturday will not proceed as planned unless restrained by this court, the sued party is likely to interfere with the event in the remaining period,” Mr Maina said.

He wants court to issue orders stopping the county government, its servants or agents from arbitrary revoking the license already issued to the league of women voters group last month and interfering with its political as well as social events.

He also wants officer commanding Murang’a police station to provide security for the event and its attendees.

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