Man in court for impersonating a KCSE candidate

A man strode into an examination centre last year and demanded to write a biology paper while pretending to be his friend who was a candidate, a court has heard.

Donald Namai, according to Patrick Manjanje, the invigilator, arrived at PAG Makale Secondary School on October 16, 2015 introduced himself as Wycliffe Monari Nyang’au, and said he had come to sit the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Biology Paper 3 (Practical).


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Mr Nyang’au, who had registered to sit the exam as a private adult student, allegedly sent Namai to do the paper for him. Namai, Manjanje said, however aroused suspicion as he lacked the required identification documents to sit the paper.

Nevertheless, the school principal allowed the student to sit the paper to avoid delays after the officer in charge of adult education promised to make the registration details available for verification.

“We became curious since the accused did not have anything to show he was the registered candidate. He did not produce the school identification card issued to adult students nor the national ID,” said Manjanje.

Manjanje produced as an exhibit the paper that the accused wrote before it was established that he was not the right candidate. The hearing will continue on November 28.

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