Man identifies police gadget in Willie Kimani murder case

A brother of the owner of the land where human rights lawyer Willie Kimani and two others were allegedly brutally murdered and their bodies dumped into a river identified at the High Court in Nairobi on Thursday a police radio gadget recovered from the four administration police (AP) officers charged with their murder.

Atanus Nzainga alias Alex and his sister Agnes Wayua told Lady Justice Jessie Lessit, who is trying the four AP officers and a police informer, that they “saw three police officers standing outside a vehicle at around 8pm on June 23, 2016”.

The two were testifying against Senior Sergeant Fredrick Leliman, Sergent Leonard Mwangi Maina, AP Constable (APC) Sylvia Wanjohi, APC Stephen Morogo and a police informer, Peter Ngugi, who have denied murdering Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda and their taxi driver Joseph Muiruri.

Wayua, who is the owner of the 90 acre parcel of land in Soweto, said: “I saw three men standing beside a parked vehicle”.

She told the judge she saw the officers while going back to her house after escorting visitors.

“I feared for my life as I was alone and it was dark. I hurried to my house then informed my brother Alex about the packed vehicle and the three men,” Wayua said.


She said she asked her brother Nzainga to call an officer at the Mlolongo weighbridge to go and find out what the three men were doing in their farm.

Nzainga said he proceeded to the area where the vehicle was parked in the company of a police officer, a man only identified as Mitambo, who was dressed in full police uniform.

Nzainga said he heard Mitambo and the men exchange greetings.

“One of the three men was holding a police radio call. They told Mr Mitambo we are also police officers like you,” he said. “We are on patrol here. We have received information a robbery was going to be carried out here we are keeping watch.”

Nzainga identified the police gadget and said “later a second vehicle was driven to the scene where the first one had been parked”.

Prosecutor Nicholas Mutuku had earlier said the APs removed Kimani, Mwenda and Muiruri from the Syokimau Administration Police Camp where they were detained then killed theb at an open farm in Soweto on the night of June 23, 2017.

The owner of the taxi that had been hired by the International Mission for Justice (IMJ) to take the late Kimani to Mavoko Law Courts the day he was slain in cold blood also testified before Justice Lessit.

Man identifies police equipment in Willie Kimani case

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