Makau Mutua tells off Fazul, says he has no powers to deregister KHRC

Professor Makau Mutua has told off Fazul Mahamed for deregistering Kenya Human Rights Commission over allegations it is operating illegal bank accounts.

The NGOs Coordination Board executive director deregistered KHRC for employing expatriates fraudulently and failing to account for donor funds.

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But Mutua through his social media account said the High Court had dismissed the reasons highlighted by Fazul in the letter dated August 14.

“Fazul has no legal authority to deregister KHRC. High Court last year rejected these false charges and ordered him to cease and desist,” Mutua said on Monday.

In the letter to the rights group, Fazul said the agency has opened four illegal accounts adding that “two of these are at NIC bank and the others at CBA”

He added: “KHRC cannot account for Sh1.2 billion that was in the account by October 4, 2016, in accordance with the NGOs Coordination Act 1990.”

The civil society organisation, one of the oldest in Kenya, was anticipated to file a petition against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 poll victory.

Mutua is a renowned Jubilee critic who has for the second term refused to recognise Uhuru’s controversial victory.

“The sins of 2013 have been compounded. That’s why as a matter of my conscience, I can’t – and won’t – recognise Uhuru as President,” he tweeted on Saturday.

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