Makali rubbishes removal from Labour Party leadership

Politician David Makali has dismissed his removal as Labour Party of Kenya’s secretary general, terming it a decision arrived at by a “kangaroo national executive council.”

Mr Makali told on Wednesday that he is the bona fide Secretary-General of LPK and the official spokesman.

This is despite last month’s move by the party’s NEC to remove him and appoint organizing secretary Peter ole Musei as the acting secretary general.

“Three or four people can’t [purport] to remove a party secretary general without a notice, agenda, complaint or reason or due process,” Mr Makali said.


“That was a kangaroo NEC. Check with the registrar (of parties) and you’ll find the status quo. I don’t serve at anyone’s whims and any illegalities designed to embarrass me and other bona fide officials will be swiftly thwarted,” he went on.

He said he is not aware of any resolution reached by the party on which presidential candidate to support.

Party leader Ababu Namwamba on Tuesday said LPK would on Saturday announce the presidential candidate it will back in the August 8 general election.

But Mr Makali said: “I am not aware of any resolution reached by the party on the matter of which presidential candidate to support.

“As you are also aware, the court ordered Ababu to desist from conducting any business of the Labour Party or purporting to be its member or leader pending the full hearing of an application that’s due tomorrow (Thursday) before the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal.”

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