Maina Njenga now ditches Jubilee and joins Kanu

Laikipia senatorial aspirant Maina Njenga has joined Kanu, after being denied a nomination ticket by the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led Jubilee Party (JP).

Mr Njenga was Wednesday officially received by Kanu chairman Gideon Moi and Secretary General Nick Salat in Nairobi, where he declared that he would contest the Laikipia senatorial seat on a Kanu ticket.

Speaking at the Kanu headquarters in Nairobi, Njenga said he would use all his resources and networks to ensure Kanu clinches the presidency in 2022.

“Kanu is much better than Jubilee. It has no discrimination… It is unlike [Jubilee] where they looked at my papers and told me to wait for someone to be called first before I get cleared,” said Njenga.

“I have joined the party that belongs to everyone. Kanu will be in State House in 2022. I will ensure this happens,” he added, revealing that he would set up party offices in the entire Laikipia County to popularise Kanu.

Gideon welcomed Njenga to the party, terming him a great asset to the oldest party in the country.


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He handed Njenga a party flag and badge together with several Kanu caps.

“Kanu has a rich and successful history. We are happy Mr Njenga wants to be part and parcel of Kanu. We know and believe he will have a great impact and be a great asset to the party,” said the Baringo senator.

“Ours is a party of peace. We do not discriminate against anyone based on their history. I appeal to all politicians who are disgruntled and stressed by their parties to join Kanu. Our doors are open,” he added.

Mr Salat said Kanu was the country’s mother party and extended an invitation to more politicians to join the independence party.

“The world out there may have issues with you (like Mr Njenga). If the issues overburden you, you are free to come home to Kanu. We are happy that after being frustrated out there, Njenga’s next port of call was Kanu,” said Salat.

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