Luhyas to Quit Jubilee- Western Jubilee MP warns Uhuru

Wangwe reveal the bid for Luhyas to quit Jubilee
Wangwe reveal the bid for Luhyas to quit Jubilee

MP revealed the bid for Luhyas to quit Jubilee after 13 ministers ditched while 6 retained in the president Uhuru`s new cabinet.

-Uhuru instead introduced new 3 three members in his announcement made of January 5, 2018

-Jubilee MP of Navakholo Emmanuel Wangwe said that the new cabinet is exclusive. Wamalwa and Wakhungu from Western region dropped

The new cabinet that president Uhuru formed has not been recieved well by a selection of jubilee politicians in the Land of Mulembe

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, January 5, prevailed a startling battle-ax that only 6 former cabinet secretaries managed to survive. Other 13 ministers were confirmed in the exit door. Contrariwise, three new members celebrated to be introduced to the new cabinet.

Of the preserved six, Judy Wakhungu (Environment) and Eugine Wamalwa (water and irrigation) both from Western region din`t feature.

Peharps, this could be the reason why Navakholo MP Emmanuel Wangwe diffred with the boss, saying that new cabinet is exclusive. Wangwe is among the the MPs in Mulembe Land elected on Jubilee Ticket.

The MP said the they struggled alot to sell the party in Western Region and hence they deserve better. He suggested that the Luhya community should be awarded at least two slots in the new cabinet otherwise the bid for Luhyas to quit Jubilee is real.

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The speech come just few days after it was confirmed that Eugine Wamalwa and Judy Wakhungu were dropped in the new cabinet.

Wangwe warned that Jubillee would lose their fun base if Uhuru`s new cabinet miss at least two members from the Land of Mulembe.


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