Losing Chan will be big national shame

There is a sinking feeling one gets when things are just about to go crazy.

I do feel that particular itch at this moment simply because shame is impending. The reason why we ever put up bids to host tournaments is what baffles my weak brain very much.

Kenya simply cannot organise something flawlessly. We are a cursed, educated lot that never seems to get anything right.

A lot has been said about why the hosting rights of the Africa Cup of Nations was taken away from us in 1996 and handed over to South Africa.

Most of what was said paints a very gloomy picture of our nation. It shows just how petty the people we put in power via our elections can really be.

That an opposition or perceived opposition leader was at the helm of the soccer body caused the government to shirk its responsibility to refurbish stadiums in readiness for the tournament is at best laughable, but at the same time it is unbelievably true.

Those who shamed us that time are still alive. Some are senile but all the same they are alive and we can bet that they do not even know that we are supposed to repeat that folly again.

We are the hosts of the 2018 African Nations Championships but seem to be running out of time to have everything ready for the football spectacle.

We are sure that Kenya has sufficient hotel spaces and hospitality facilities to host the tournament. However, the government has been continually moving back the times for completion of stadiums and training pitches.

It will be interesting to see what the Caf inspection team has to say about whether there is sufficient time to organise contractors and to prepare the pitches and build the stadium facilities required to meet Fifa standards for international tournaments.

The Caf team shall be back here before the 10th day of September and we are still wasting time. The Sports Ministry is dead and whoever is president must know this. Hassan Wario was left in Rio and there is no more he can do. In fact, some of us wonder what Wa-Rio has ever done in that office.

We do not know many things, but one thing we do know is that Wario should never be allowed near any Cabinet Secretary spot, yes, not even sports.

Patriotism in this country is a weary business that one should avoid at all cost.

We, that are infected with that bug feel really offended when disorganisation rears its ugly head on continental and international levels.

We smart from the chuckles of foreigners laughing at our inability to organise ourselves.

This time round, Chan must take place in Kenya. And if it doesn’t, then Kenya must resign to its fate as a nation of fools and we should never bid to host another international football even.

The results will speak for us.

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