Long list of social media hate mongers a concern

At least 273 social media users have been charged in court with propagating hate through the platforms.

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) commissioner Joseph Nasongo regretted that the list of people spreading hate through the social media platforms was growing.

Addressing participants during a peace forum in Naivasha on Monday evening, the commissioner expressed concern over the misuse of social media platforms, adding that the commission was doing all within its scope to tame the situation.

“We are on the lookout for those who are wrongly using the social media platforms to spread hate and incite Kenyans,” Dr Nasongo said.

The participants, led by the Agikuyu council of elders chairman Kigochi Waimiri, put the commissioner to task over what they termed selective application of the law.

But Dr Nasongo defended the commission, saying they are keen to ensure Kenyans do not misuse social media platforms to propagate hate.

“We have a tripartite approach to hate issues, which include the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Director of Criminal Investigations,” the commissioner said.

NCIC vice-chairperson Irene Wanyoike urged participants to be wary of politicians likely to cause chaos in the country.

She said that despite Naivasha having been identified as a “hotspot”, there was relative peace with communities continuing to co-exist.

Rift Valley Region Commissioner Wanyama Musiambo directed investigators to hunt down social media users spreading propaganda over unconfirmed attacks in Naivasha.

He put on notice politicians and their supporters spreading hate under the guise of campaigning, adding that they will not be spared.

“Let me be categorical: inciters must be arrested and arraigned in court and no one will be spared,” Mr Musiambo said.

He said Nakuru and particularly Naivasha were no longer political “hotpots” with no major incident having being documented in the recent past in the cosmopolitan towns.

David Manyara is accused of uttering words aimed at stirring ethnic violence between Kenyan communities.


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