Lobby group wants August polls postponed, says IEBC not ready

A lobby group which says it is affiliated to the Jubilee Party general now wants the elections set for August 8 postponed until December, citing what it claims is unpreparedness by the electoral commission.

The group, calling itself Jubilee Lobby Group for Reforms (Jubilog), argued that the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is not prepared to handle free and fair elections and the August date should be pushed by four months to December.

They asked Parliament to amend the election laws to accommodate the delay, citing the delay by IEBC to put in place the integrated elections management system.

“We are heading for elections [and] some people are complaining that the IEBC is not well prepared for them in August. We are in agreement with them,” said the group’s chairman Martin Njoroge at a press conference in Nairobi.

According to the group, IEBC cannot deliver free and fair elections in its current state given that the opposition has poked holes in its level of.


“We wish to invoke Article 283 of the Constitution to seek constitutional reforms to amend laws that have failed to meet their expectations before the coming general election. Failure to change such laws before then will be like conducting meaningless elections,” said Mr Njoroge.

According to him, the election is already “legally compromised” by the incessant calls by Nasa for the elections’ body to take full responsibility if the polls fail due to unpreparedness.


“This means to Nasa, the loss of election is already rejected unless they win. IEBC cannot convince stakeholders that they are well-prepared beyond reasonable doubt to conduct the general election for the whole country given the short time they have had since the commissioners were recruited,” Mr Njoroge added.

The group also accused the opposition for the delay and IEBC’s ill-preparedness saying the leaders should have let the previous commissioners to complete their term so as to facilitate the conducting of free, fair and credible general elections.

The called for the extension of the current parliament until a time when IEBC is well-prepared to conduct elections.

“Jubilog is fully in agreement with Nasa that IEBC is not well prepared to conduct credible polls on August 8, this year,” said Mr Njoroge.

This comes is even as IEBC insists that it will put everything in place in good time to deliver credible polls on August 8.

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