List Of Painful Experiences With Uhuru Regime, Mt Kenya Feels It Too

Uhuru is said to be very angry at Kenyans fir rejecting him in 8th August and also the decision by supreme court to nullfy rigged presidential elections, well most of us have known too much pain over the last five years:

1. We have watched our highly qualified young men and women walk everyday looking for any employment opportunity- as months turns to years after their graduation, we have watched their faces as frustration and anger replace hope; optimism; and promises of hope that they had on their graduation day.

2. We have experienced pain when we see life ebbing away from the feeble bodies we took to hospital for treatment, only to find the doctors are on strike; the nurses are on strike; hospitals have no right equipment; hospitals lack medication and yet our government uses Kshs 10 billion for entertainment.

3. We have experienced pain when we see the lifeless body of a 6 month old child laying in a coffin, her life cut short before she could even say the name of her mother; her only crime was to be born in the wrong tribe.

4. We have been pinched in our hearts when we hear the wailing of a mother who’s 9 years old daughter, Moraa, was killed right in front of her house. All the dreams and aspirations she had for daughter cut short by an assassin but, obeying the orders of a rouge leader who thinks only his children has the right to live and not those of others.

5. We have felt the pain of having an uncertain future when your job is threatened simply because someone thinks since you are an employee of the government, you must campaign for him. Our chiefs have had to worry of how they will move around should Uhuru win again and reposes the motorcycles.

And on whatever day we shall have the elections, we will translate our pain and anger into a big Win for NASA.

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