Lift shoot-to-kill order or forget our votes, Pokots tell DP Ruto

Pokots have warned that they will not vote for Jubilee Party is the ‘shoot-to- kill order’ sanctioned against bandits is not lifted.

Elders led by former Ng’iynyang councilor Yuda Losutan said the community has been thinking twice about supporting Jubilee since DP William Ruto issued the order.

He said the order issued in February appeared as a direct hatred for the entire Pokot population in Baringo East and West Pokot county.

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Losutan was backed by other elders Musa Amokon, Richard Kachepko, Micah Kolem, Canon Chochoi, Bishop Joel Lopeta and former Akoret councilor Omari Kukat.

“We never took it lightly because as we speak, the bandits who keep terrorising the neighbouring Tugen, Ilchamus and Marakwets are only less than 100.”

“The order has affected all Pokots including the innocent people yet the bandits have run into hiding,” Losutan said.

He added that the residents no longer access markets neither do they graze their livestock freely.

The lot further said that after the order was issued, Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) have tortured so many people leaving them maimed.

He said a number of Tiaty sub -county residents have lost livestock and their houses torched.

“We wonder who between Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta has got more powers to issue directives.”

“Unless the president, who we have no problem with, comes down and apologise to Pokot as well as lift the ban, we will rule that Jubilee leaders have no place here,” he said.

Furthermore, the leader said they have no problem with the other Jubilee seats apart from that of the presidency.

The elder further said they had dropped ODM (currently NASA) led by Raila Odinga since it lost the bid in 2007 to Mwai Kibaki.

Losutan called on leaders and security agencies to bring together elders and youth from each of the warring pastoral communities for peace talks.

Barely a month to the August 8 election, the Pokots said they are still at a crossroad on which party or coalition to back for the presidency.

Last Sunday, Ruto was heckled during a campaign rally at Chemolingot in an incident judged as a sign of the community’s dissatisfaction with Jubilee leadership.


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