Leave political battles to politicians, urges Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to maintain the peace and co-exist together as citizens of one nation for faster development and improved quality of life.

During a meet-the-people visit to Kenyatta Market, Nairobi, he said wananchi should not fight one another over politics.

“Leave us to sort out our issues as leaders. Politics should not make you fight. When this market burns down it will not affect one community but all of you,” Uhuru said.

“I have seen all Kenyans do business here. In this market there are Kambas, Merus, Luos, Kikuyus and all Kenyan communities. Please continue living together peacefully. Be your brother’s keeper.”

Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Sonko pledged to deliver fast and improved services to residents. He said once he is sworn in he will reduce licence fees for small-scale traders.

He urged the residents of Kibra to leave politicking to politicians.

“You should continue with your daily activities as residents of Kibra and traders here at Kenyatta market just as you have been doing before and after the general election,” Sonko said.

He urged Nairobi residents to ignore inciters and said the government will firmly and decisively deal with any individual out to destroy others’ property.

“Leave us as leaders to tackle our political battles but don’t allow any person to incite you to violence. We have seen those who allowed themselves to be incited losing lives while those who instigated them continued enjoying themselves,” Sonko said.

Uhuru urged Kenyans to carry on with their normal lives as the Supreme Court takes up the petition filed by NASA challenging the presidential election results.

“The judgment will be made and whatever the outcome you should continue [to coexist] peacefully. It doesn’t matter the outcome, Kenya will still be here. Love one another and live together as brothers,” he said.

The President urged Sonko to transform Nairobi’s image and improve services.

“I thank you for voting for my friend Sonko…He will sink a borehole here to ensure constant water [supply] to the traders,” Uhuru said.

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