“Leave Kisii Votes Alone I don’t need their votes” Uhuru In Bungoma

resident Uhuru in his tour of Bungoma had no kind words to say to Kisii.

Speaking in Kimilili, Bungoma County, Uhuru is reported to have alluded confidence in winning the presidential elections without the Kisii votes.

“Hao wakisii hata wasipo nipigia kura bado nitashinda,Raila ametuchelewesha kazi miezi mbili sasa”, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru’s comments follows protests from Kisii against his comments targeted at the Chief Justice David Maraga.

Justice Maraga, a Kisii and a staunch Adventist, delivered the historic ruling annulling the presidential elections.

In their 4-2 ruling, the justices cited illegalities and irregularities committed by the IEBC that compromised the integrity of the August Presidential election and ordered a new poll in 60 days.

Uhuru had initially accepted the ruling but later launched a barrage of insults at the Supreme Court justices and especially the Chief Justice.

“We will beat the Opposition just like we did on August 8. In fact, we will double or triple our votes.”

The DP wondered why Opposition leaders have no faith in the IEBC “and yet MPs, governors and MCAs from NASA, whose elections were managed by the same electoral body, have been sworn-in”.

“We have NASA MPs, governors and MCAs who were elected and it was the IEBC which managed the elections,” he said.

“Why are they now saying they have no faith in the same body that made them who they are now? They should resign and seek fresh mandates from the electorate if they have no faith in IEBC.”

Earlier today, Raila said Jubilee leaders belong in jail and are people you cannot compete with.

This was part of his response to a memo by IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati which posed 13 questions on election failures to CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Ironically, Uhuru before the August 8th Elections had made similar statements about Bungoma. That he would still win without their votes.

A leaked memo from IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati to the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba probably explains why Uhuru would be confident to win without anyone voting for him.

In the memo, Chebukati detailed numerous failures by the secretariat that formed a key part of Supreme Court proceedings and which on totality means the entire election results were a sham as pre-determined results were in put and fake forms used to match those results.

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