Leaders’ land talk stoking tensions: ISK

Surveyors have warned that politicians are using land as a campaign tool, stoking tensions between various communities.

Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) Chairman Stephen Ambani said in Nairobi that with elections a few months away, this could plunge the country into chaos again.

The ISK boss also condemned increasing cases of land grabbing, especially of prime plots, by powerful cartels working in cahoots with corrupt Ministry of Lands officials.

“This is happening with the full knowledge of the authorities and in spite of spirited efforts to put in place the necessary legal and institutional framework,” he said Thursday.

Citing this week’s incident at Westlands, Nairobi, where a family lost its home of 40 years, Mr Ambani accused officers at the ministry and the land commission of not taking action against the perpetrators after the damage was done.

“We cannot be asking land owners to prove ownership when it is their mandate to tell Kenyans who owns which land.

“This issue has not been addressed by successive regimes and shall sadly continue to wreak havoc unless something is done,” he warned.

ISK Chief Executive Moses Kiambuthi urged the government to intervene following threats by some counties not to renew land leases for multinationals, saying this would have serious repercussions on the economy.

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