Lawyer Philip Murgor criticises Uhuru on foreign funding stance

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been reproached by presidential candidate Philip Murgor for saying foreign institutions or individuals should not fund political parties ahead of 2017 elections.

Mr Murgor, speaking today during the launch of United Democratic Movement (UDM) headquarters in Nairobi, said it is not wrong for one to seek assistance from external agents.

“These countries have helped us resolve conflicts. When Mr Kenyatta was in the opposition, he must have expected support from external sources,” he said.

During Jamhuri Day celebrations on Monday, Mr Kenyatta said some countries were bankrolling regime-change in Kenya under the guise of supporting civic education.

The former Director of Prosecutions accused politicians in both government and the opposition of selfishness.

“They have assumed a tribal dimension. Kenya is now divided into two with one side made up of two communities while the other has the remaining ethnic groups.

“The message is that we must win the 2017 elections at any cost,” he said.

Mr Murgor added that the country is on the precipice of collapse because of corruption, tribalism and economic inequality “perpetuated by the Jubilee regime”.

“These are the problems threatening our country. I intend to fix them immediately I become president,” he said.

The lawyer called on the electoral commission and politicians to fix the agency in order to avoid delaying the elections.

He added that UDM is ready to work with like-minded parties “to salvage the country from falling further into despondency”.

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