Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Letter To IEBC Vice Chair Consolota Nkatha Maina Goes Viral, Read it Here

Dear Consolata
Vice Chairperson, IEBC

No one insubordinates their Boss and survive long. How on earth can you lead fellow Commissioners to hijack the official Twitter handle of IEBC to refer to your Chairman’s Memo as “alleged” Memo?

Let me tell you one truth: By disowning your Chairman, you may get excited with nocturnal cheers from fringe extremist cheerleaders of those that benefitted from fraudulent elections, but the excitement is so temporary.

Heaven and earth frowns on traitors of all shades. You lose all credibility. All doors will close on you.

What stands the test of time is truth, honest and integrity. Deceit, treachery and fraud are so short-lived, no matter the illusion of success and power for now.

Be the gracious Lady that always stood beside the Chairman, lest Chebukati will say: Et tu Consolata? Brutus didn’t last long after stabbing Emperor Julius Caesar!


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