Lawyer charged with forging Will

A lawyer was charged before a Nairobi court with forging a Will in connection to a prime land in Karen estate.

The court heard that Mr Guy Spencer Elms forged the Will of late Roger Bryan Robson, with intend to defraud. It is alleged that he committed the offence on or before March 24, 1997.

The court further heard that Mr Spencer presented the forged will to Corporal Samuel Kamau at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters, claiming that it was a genuine document on February 10, 2015.

The advocate is also accused of forging the power of attorney dated January 28, 2010 claiming it was signed by Mr Robson. He also presented the same document to Mr Kamau.


The court also heard that Mr Spencer presented the said documents to the High Court in Nairobi to obtain letters to administer the estate of Mr Robson. The succession case was filed in 2013.

After denying the charges, Mr Spencer pleaded with the court to release him on lenient bail terms claiming that he presented himself to the police and that he will abide by all the conditions set by the court.

In the case, Ms Agnes Mugure is accusing Mr Spencer of forgery after she discovered that the advocate was planning to transfer the said parcel to himself, yet she bought the land from Mr Robson for Sh100 million in 2011.

The two are entangled in an ownership wrangle with Mr Spencer claiming that he took charge of the property following the death of Mr Robson. He alleges that the land and its title deed were passed to him by Mr Robson.

Mr Robson, who died on August 8, 2012, is alleged to have authorised the sale of property and directed that the proceeds be used to support needy children and in environmental conservation.

The lawyer was released on Sh400,000 cash bail. The case will be heard on December 7.

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