Lawyer Ahmedinasir names cops sent to kill him, in new statement

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi PHOTO:COURTESY

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has recorded another statement with the police and named officers he claims were detailed to kill him.

Mr Ahmednasir told police at Kilimani Police Station that the two chief inspectors (names withheld for legal reasons) were part of a killer squad targeting him.

In his statement, the lawyer introduced a new twist to the saga claiming that the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Ndegwa Muhoro, who he accused of plotting to kill him, had owned up to the murder plot.

Accompanied by his lawyer Dennis Mosota, Ahmednasir told investigators that Muhoro had confessed the elimination plot to close confidants.

“He (Muhoro) has told many individuals that while the scheme to kill me was true and real, it was the Russian mafia and not him who intended to kill me. He further informed my sources that I had allegedly swindled the Russian mafia out of huge sums of money hence the scheme to kill me,” the lawyer said in his statement.

He told the investigators that he had never acted for any Russians in his law practice and thus could have not conned them.


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“We have provided all necessary information within our knowledge. It is incumbent upon the investigators to discharge their responsibility fairly and objectively,” Mr Mosota told The Standard.


Yesterday, Muhoro refused to comment on the new claims against him, saying the matter was under investigation.

In his new statement, the lawyer said a team of four police officers under instructions from Muhoro had tried to trail him after a dinner meeting with his clients at Kempinski Hotel, but their mission aborted.

“I am further informed that following a request they made for assistance to track my phone, the four criminal investigations officers were denied the request and instructed to abort the mission as they were not officially instructed to undertake the operation,” he wrote.

The lawyer reiterated his appeal to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet to have the matter investigated by an independent body comprising officers that exclude the DCI.

Three weeks ago, Ahmednasir sensationally named Muhoro as the man who wanted to kill him.


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“My informant was told by those who participated in the strategy meeting. He has all the information on how my killing was planned and how it was to be executed,” he said.

But the DCI boss denied the claims, terming them wild and accusing the lawyer of coming up with the allegations to divert attention from ongoing investigations into his activities.



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