Lands agency boss blames attacks on cartels

National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri has sensationally claimed that powerful cartels were using the National Assembly to fight the commission.

He said Thursday that powerful individuals had hatched a plot to frustrate its work.

“They are unhappy over the determination of land disputes. There are six petitions filed to remove me. But we will not be cowed as a commission,” said the official.


Dr Swazuri was speaking at the launch of the national land use planning, monitoring and oversight guidelines at Kapsabet, Nandi County.

“When you see me being fought it is because the commission has worked tirelessly to reclaim grabbed land across the country.

“These people are not just common mwananchi but powerful individuals who are using cartels to fight the commission,” he said.

“Even if they come up with 100 petitions, we will champion the interests of all Kenyans.”

Prof Swazuri has obtained authority from courts barring Parliament’s Lands committee from listening to bribery allegations against him, but the inquiry has been going on.

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On Wednesday, the court extended orders stopping the MPs probe and set the hearing for May 16.

The National Assembly has asked the High Court to allow it to complete investigations against Prof Swazuri.

At the launch ceremony Thursday, Dr Swazuri said the guidelines on land use will ensure a multi-sectorial approach through integrated planning.

“The Constitution dictates that county governments since 2013 must have proper planning before funds are used. Counties are not allowed by law to spend money without such plans,” he said.

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