Lamu villagers seek help after Shabaab raid

At least 2, 000 villagers in Pandanguo in Lamu West have called on the government and well-wishers to intervene and assist them with food and other commodities following a raid by al-Shabaab militants.

More than 200 men invaded the village on Wednesday morning and stole foodstuff, clothes and other items.

The militants also stole all drugs at a local dispensary.

Speaking to the Nation on Thursday, the locals expressed fear of starvation since they were left with nothing by the militants who went from house to house collecting any foodstuffs they came across.


The government had distributed a food consignment including maize and rice as aid to the Boni people in Pandanguo two days before the attack.

Locals told the Nation that the food distributed to them was stolen by the terrorists.

The villagers also called on well-wishers to assist them with bedding and clothes since the militants did not spare any good clothes that they came across, leaving many locals with only the clothes they had on.

Pandanguo has 185 houses.


According to the area’s headman Adan Golja, the terrorists broke into all the houses and also took other valuables including utensils, electronics, knives and machetes before vanishing back into Boni Forest.

“We will starve. We urge the government and other well-wishers to come to our help. All the food in our houses was stolen by the militants. We have nothing to eat. The al-Shabaab were many and they entered each of the 185 houses here in Pandanguo village, searched and took all our foodstuffs, clothes, utensils and machetes. We hope the government will help us,” Mr Golja said.

Mr Sharuti Ali, a health worker at the Pandanguo community dispensary, said all drugs and supplies were taken by the gang, leaving the facility without a single pill.

“They took all the drug supplies from our dispensary. We need aid,” Mr Ali said.


Residents also appealed to the government and the concerned communication company to have the mast destroyed by the militants repaired.

Communication hitch

“To make a phone call, one needs to climb a tree since our communication mast was destroyed by the militants. We fear that if it is not repaired, the al-Shabaab might take advantage of the lack of communication and attack us,” Ms Halima Boru said.

Meanwhile, an intense operation in search of the terrorists has been launched by KDF and a contingent of other security units in Boni Forest, which is believed to be the key hideout of the terror cell.

Aerial surveillance was also intensified on Thursday and military planes were seen in the skies.


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