Lack of Clean Water Major Cause of Jigger Infestation in Kisii County.

Poverty and jigger infection has crumbled hopes of the poor and vulnerable people in kitutu chache south in kisii County.

Lack of clean water in many homes, is the major cause of the jigger infestation despite the county government of Kisii saying it has provided clean water to many homes through the water reticulation programme that locals say they have never seen ,let alone there are no boreholes in their locality.

Consumption of illicit brew is also a big course despite the ban in the local illicit brewing and consumption.The women who should be cleaning their children have now gone into large scale brewing of Chang’aa.

IMG_0085 Lack of Clean Water Major Cause of Jigger Infestation in Kisii County.More than 200 less privileged families that live at Iteresi, Kianyambinge and Nyankongo in Kitutu Central , Kitutu Chache South , Kisii county had a reason to smile this Christmas season after some youths from Kisii county and The Brother’s keeper Foundation came to their aid and gave them free goodies like,wheat flour, cooking oil, Baking powder, Rice, Sugar, salt , Bar Soaps, pair of Shoes , Clothes and other items On Friday 23/12/2016 for Christmas.

The youths requested Kisii and Nyamira county governments to have a programme to eradicate the jigger infestation instead of waiting for well wishers and organisations for assistance which come in about too late when the damage has already been done. Over 30 jigger infested young Children were treated and given medication.

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