KWS retrieves body of chinese climber in historic mission

The body of a chinese climber who died while hiking Mount Kenya has been retrieved.

In a daring mission, the Kenya Wildlife Service rescue team in collaboration with Tropic Air airlifted the body that was lying 5,000 metres above sea level on Wednesday morning.

Fang Wenchao, 33, died as he descended from Batian, the mountain’s highest peak, on Sunday.

The delicate piloting mission was undertaken by seasoned Tropic Air pilot Ben Simpson. 

This was the first time an attempt has been to airlift a body 5,000 metres above sea level in the country. 

Before take off, Mr Simpson told that it would be impossible to land on the mountain and the body would have to be hooked onto the helicopter mid-air. 

Fang Wenchao, 33, died as he descended from Mount Kenya’s highest peak, Batian.

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