KOT blast US embassy over ‘double standards’ on election

Kenyans on Twitter on Wednesday blasted the US embassy in Nairobi over what they termed “double standards” on last week’s poll.

This was after the embassy posted a tweet on its handle condemning the attacks on civil societies.

“A free civil society is critical to democracy and fulfilling the promise of Kenya’s constitution. US urges the government to protect their rights,” the consulate said.

But some Twitter users said the statement was flat and almost an endorsement of the government’s efforts to suppress free speech and limit the democratic space.

Others said assuming that all rhetoric is welcome negates the very need to protect the civil society.

“Both the US embassy and the US president have endorsed the regime. It’s too early to start faulting it again,” one user said.

Another said: “You shouldn’t mince words. This behaviour by the government cannot and should not be tolerated. That one should be clear in your statements.”

Another KOT posed: “Would you wish for government to protect the sanctity of citizens’ votes rather than endorse subversion by statutory forms being cooked?”

Bennie Black said the West fears the prevalence of democracy in Kenya and Africa so super powers are hindering unity.

“Beware! For we are now aware,” he wrte.

[email protected]’ replied saying: “Very True. We also urge the US government to protect people and condemn events at #Charlottesville“.

One Jacob said: “When a dog becomes rabbied, it bites every one and anything that comes its way.”

Others said Kenya shuld not be taking advice from America as their problems are similar.

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