A group of youth professionals from Kisii County have launched a platform to provide civic education to Kisii and Nyamira county residents ahead of next year’s general elections.

The Jukwaa la mwananchi, with a slogan, “Uongozi Bora ni Jukumu lako, Tukutane Mashinani “,has so far seen More than one hundred and fifty youths from Bomachoge Chache, Kitutu Chache South, Nyaribari Masaba and Bobasi constituencies,trained to help disseminate information to the grass root level and sensitize the public on the importance of embracing public participation to enable one make informed and wise decisions in matters development and governance .

Speaking on Thursday at Mosocho Dispensary grounds in Kitutu Chache South while addressing the locals, Mr .Joel Makori Onsando,who is the leader of the initiative , said they are targeting 50 people in every Sub-county in the first phase that begun on Wednesday December 28, 2016. With the help of Other members of the initiative that include; Rogers Albert, Sheilla Moraa Maragi, Judy Mong’are and Everline Nyaboke.

Mr. Onsando who is a lawyer by profession said that What prompted them to come together as young professionals from Kisii is that they realised there was a huge gap and members of the public know less about their constitutional rights including public participation.

There is need to put their leaders on check to ensure they are delivering.He added that they will take members of the public through the basics of the constitution and the importance of public Participation to help the people to make wise decisions. We have realised most of our people don’t know roles of their elected leaders and that they can check and recall those who have failed to deliver.

The initiative intends to cover the whole of Kisii and Nyamira Counties targeting 50 participants in every session.

The trainees will help disseminate information to the grassroot level and mobilize the locals for future trainings. The initiative will have a grand sitting mid January to officially unveil the civic engagement idea.

Ms Judy Mong’are advised members of public to change attitude and attend public gatherings and air their views and complaints, saying that would minimize cases of corruption and nepotism.

Mr. Onsando challenged leaders and the public to turn up in large numbers in the ongoing sensitization program , so that they can engage, understand and reconcile the gap between them.

Ms Sheilla Moraa reiterated Onsando’s sentiments disclosing they will organize debates so that the electorate can engage their leaders and aspirants on their achievements and development agenda so that they can make their right decision during elections.

Jukwaa la mwananchi is not funded by anybody to carry out the trainings except Uraia Trust that supports the initiative with copies of the constitution, Devolution booklets, calendars and fliers that will be used for training and other copies to be given to our participants for free.

The members said that this is one way of giving back to the society and the people need to understand their roles .

Mr. Rogers Albert challenged the media to be in the forefront in sensitizing members of the public so that they can make informed wise decisions.
Mr. Rodgers added that the initiative shall work closely with the media In order to reach a wide spectrum of audience to help in dissemination of the information.
by KDRTV correspondent, Kisii

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