KK security to evacuate Little riders on elections emergency

Riders of Little cabs can now ask for an emergency evacuation if their safety is compromised, Little founder Kamal Budhabatti has said.

This follows a successful simulation of the panic alert function on the taxi hailing company mobile app in partnership with KK Security Kenya.

The creation of the panic button is as a result of an agreement signed between Little and the security firm, targeting riders using the taxi during and after today’s election.

It allows a rider to request for help and assistance should they find themselves in a situation or environment that could compromise their safety and security while on a ride.

“When you interact with the Kenyan commuter, you realize that safety and security actually comes first before anything else. This is why we approached KK Security and today we have successfully simulated the panic alert feature in our app,” Budhabatti said

The security function works in a way that once you press the panic button function, it will immediately send an alert to KK Security.

The alert will have your name and contact details as well as coordinates of your location including the car type, colour and number plates.

According to Little’s marketing head, Maureen Chege, the security team will contact you immediately as they dispatch a rescue team depending on the nature of the incident you are reporting.

“We have tested it and done simulations and much as we hope our riders will not need to use it, we are confident that our riders are now safe while using our service,” She said.

The panic button is not limited to emergency conditions only but also used for any suspicious activities near you or around you.

This is the third time Little is partnering with a security firm to enhance safety for their riders.

In February this year, they partnered with Peace Corp run by the National Police Service, to include an alert function which sends a distress signal in the event of risk of an attack.

Three months later, they introduced a facial recognition system for drivers to improve security of its riders and cut cases of drivers sharing accounts.

Taxi hailing firms have sought work with Kenyans to ease the electoral process with Uber offering free rides to persons with disabilities and Sh200 discounts on regular rides to and from polling stations. Maramoja, said it will be offering very low prices to users during the period.


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