Kitui MPs urge Ngilu to drop bid for governor

Two Kitui MPs have urged former Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu to drop her bid for governor in the next elections and instead seek a Senate seat.

The lawmakers urged Ms Ngilu to support current Senator David Musila, who has also declared that he will vie for the governor’s seat.

MPs Charles Nyamai (Kitui Rural) and Francis Nyenze (Kitui West) said the former minister was best suited for the senatorial seat.

Speaking at campaign rallies to drum up support for Mr Musila in Mr Nyamai’s constituency, the lawmakers promised to campaign for Ms Ngilu if she agrees to vie for the Senate seat.

They advised the two politicians to strike a deal for the senator and governor seats because “they have a common enemy, the incumbent Governor Julius Malombe.

“It is no doubt that Ngilu and Musila are political forces to reckon with, but to unseat Malombe, they must reach a common ground whereby Ngilu runs for senator while backing Musila for the governorship,” Mr Nyamai said.

Mr Nyenze claimed the current Kitui governor had lost touch with the electorate and accused him of causing unnecessary political divisions.

The National Assembly minority leader alleged the county government had failed to address the problems affecting Kitui residents especially water shortage and food insecurity.

For his part, Mr Musila alleged county officials had misappropriated public funds and urged residents to give him a chance to “clear the mess”.

“My desire to run for the governorship was driven by misplaced priorities in implementing development projects. Huge monies have been directed to projects that bear no direct benefit for the locals,” claimed Mr Musila.

He said that if elected governor in next year’s general elections, he will give budgetary priority to water, health, roads and agriculture to improve people’s lives.

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