Kitisuru residents petition Sonko to close carwash and bar

Residents of Kititsuru Estate have petitioned city Governor-elect Mike Sonko to close a carwash and bar in the area.

The residents say the bar and car wash, which were set up along the Kitisuru/Peponi road two months ago by unknown persons poses security threat and causes obstruction of motorists and other road users.


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Monitor residents

They want the county government to investigate and remove the people running businesses at the junction on account of insecurity.

“This commercial activity poses insecurity as thugs may use this location to monitor residents who enter and exit the estate at all times,” reads the petition signed on behalf of the residents.

It continues, “There will be obstruction of motorists and other road users and possibility of accidents on the road as vehicles are making turns to enter or exit the carwash from the main road.”

The residents also complain the waste water from the said business premise is drained into the nearby Gethathuru River, hence polluting it.

“The restaurant is now constructing some permanent structures near the car wash and playing very loud music in the night,” reads the letter copied to National Environment Management Authority.

Governor Mike Sonko said he would deal with the issue at an appropriate time.


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