Kisumu taxi drivers accost chairman for ‘eating’ funeral cash

Kisumu taxi drivers caused drama after they ganged up against their chairman for allegedly squandering funeral money.

They accused James Ouma of embezzling cash that the group was given by a politician for their colleague’s burial.

The drivers nearly came to blows on Wednesday before operators allied to Ouma intervened and rescued him from the angry lot.

The operators accused the chair of receiving money from politicians in the guise of helping but pocketing it instead.

The incident was reported after a governor candidate gave Sh20,000 following a meeting with taxi drivers in the town.

The drivers claimed Ouma pocketed three quarters of the money and only paid a few of his loyal friends.

They further alleged the chairman has been using police to intimidate them whenever they dare question him.

The irate operators threatened to institute a vote of no confidence in the official if he doesn’t apologise.

“How do you dare pocket money meant for a burial. Surely, this is being inhumane,” one of the drivers said.

He added that Ouma squandered Sh1,700 collected from colleagues next to Kisumu Hotel on Kenyatta Highway.

The chairman denied the allegations saying the meeting was only meant for leaders .

“We shared the money among leaders who attended the meeting,” Ouma said.

He further dismissed allegations of pocketing cash meant for the burial of the taxi driver.

Charles Okuta, who attended meeting, confirmed receiving Sh700.

He said others received Sh500 while chairmen from various parking bases got Sh2,000.

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